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LAB 01 is Out Now!

July 01, 2007: Like a wild pony emerging from a wall of flames, the second issue of LAB is here! With a whinny and a snort, it impatiently awaits to be mounted by your dauntless intellect. As in the previous issue, 0.5, this zine is chockablock with words, pictures, and colors. But not just any words, pictures, or colors. Fancy words, snazzy pictures, and jazzy colors. With lazer-like focalization, unreasonable precision, and incorrigible ingenuity, LAB serves up a 70-page buffet of content, including 7 tasty interviews and 2 new projects for dessert, all with a hypoallergenic postmodern sneeze guard. Also on the menu: taco trucks, mixed metaphors, spicy vernacular typography, and handmade blanket patterns thatíll make your eyes jiggle. Download it for free here, or order a good ol' fashioned hard copy here.