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Part Time Position Available at Reading Frenzy!

May 01, 2008: Well, this is an historic event! Since 1994 we've only had one or two part-time paid staff positions and those positions have always been filled by myself and the senior volunteer (we've only had 7 employees in nearly 14 years!). Our current paid staff member is off to Alaska for the summer and all our volunteers are all gainfully employed and/or in school, so the spot is up for grabs!

This low-paying, yet highly coveted position is obviously not a longterm career solution, but could be a great steppingstone into the world of bookselling, independent publishing, journalism and general small business operations. Previous paid and volunteer staff have gone on to start their own business ventures, as well as work for Powell's, Stumptown Coffee, Portland Mercury and other illustrious local companies due at least in small part to their Reading Frenzy experience and recommendation.

  • Job title: Entry-level book and zine seller.

  • Job description: Reading Frenzy, an internationally celebrated specialty bookshop devoted to independent media and alternative press, is looking for a part-time entry level book and zine seller. Schedule will include closing shifts and Saturdays. Starting wage is $8.50 per hour. Perks include a staff discount, lots of freebies, and a membership to the IPRC. 

  • Requirements: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, have at least four years retail or customer service experience, enjoy working with people, have a flexible schedule, and an unbridled enthusiasm for independent media, small press, self-publishing and DIY culture. Must be able to make a one year commitment to position. Must also have legible handwriting and be comfortable with computers, cash registers, and credit card machines. Will be responsible for opening and/or closing shop, basic daily operations and sales, managing consignment accounts, running errands, light bookkeeping, processing mail orders and updating online catalog.
  • Bonus Points: bookstore experience, creative writing skills, graphic design and/or computer skills, and a compulsive need to dust and straighten.

    Applicants can drop off resume and cover letter to Reading Frenzy or email me at