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Integrating a burning house

Integrating a Burning House by Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen

"On September 10th, years after our first days on Cable Avenue, I finally met the neighbors.  Fire is an irresistible spectacle and the people on our block participated accordingly, bringing chairs out onto their balconies and hovering in the street long after the heat and smoke had cleared."

This is an amazing little book centered around the loss of a home, the fire and the artifacts that remain.   Two essays by the people involved are followed by a full color photo collection of the burnt remains of their belongings.  This book directly confronts our basic human urge to sift through the remains of a tragedy and yet, at the same time, highlights the strange aesthetic charm of objects touched by fire.  The results are both highly gratifying and unnerving.

Come by the store and check out this brand new book from Portland's own, Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen.