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500 Friends of Reading Frenzy Members!

June 20, 2009: 500 Friends of Reading Frenzy supports our purpose-before-profit mission of promoting independent media and alternative culture through the store, website, events programming, publishing projects and community outreach. Benefits include a variety of discounts and premiums, depending on the level you join at. Memberships are available at the Club ($100), Clique ($250), Coterie ($500), Coven ($1000) and Cabal ($2500) levels. (Existing members -- yes, you can upgrade!)

By supporting our efforts, you're helping to foster a vibrant community of authors, artists, publishers and readers locally and beyond, as well as ensuring the ongoing existence of a rare and vital outlet for their work. It's amazing what a significant impact such a small venture can have on a community and your contribution, big or small, will help us sustain and expand our efforts in the coming years.

Please join us in recognizing and thanking our current 500 Friends members (after the jump) and consider joining their illustrious ranks!

  1. Rose Bond
  2. Ralf Youtz
  3. Ryan Berkley
  4. Bee Lavender
  5. Stephanie Hunter
  6. Kohel Haver
  7. Zach Margolis
  8. Mark Russell
  9. Jason Mitchell
  10. Jaina A. Davis
  11. Matthew King
  12. Carson Ellis
  13. Lola Milholland
  14. Kay Hutchinson
  15. Katie Crud
  16. Jeffrey Diteman
  17. Adam Parfrey
  18. Lani Schreibstein
  19. Sarah Marcus
  20. Reed Harkness
  21. Gary Lucy
  22. Emerson Ong
  23. Jorge Lizarraga
  24. Amber Brand
  25. Aaron Draplin
  26. Laura Whipple
  27. Sarah Mirk
  28. Kris Moore
  29. Keola Whittaker
  30. Isaac Slusarenko
  31. Amy Antonio
  32. Kate Bingaman-Burt
  1. George Meyer
  2. Tim Becker
  3. Vance Yoakum
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