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IPRC in WW's 2009 Gift Guide!

Hey, did you know our upstairs neighbors have been included in the 2009 WW gift guide?

For those prone to winter hibernation the IPRC is a perfect cure, with a fully loaded Mac lab, letterpress studio, and extensive zine library. And if you aren't already member of the IPRC then you might want to consider heading over to Willy Week's Gift Guide .

It is seriously cheaper (and more rewarding!) than ever to become part of the only self-publishing center of its kind. A mere 25 bucks not only gets you a sweet membership but some added WW bonuses, like concert tickets, comp CDs from Musicfest NW, and Powell's pint glasses. And if your lookin' for a long-term commitment, 50 bucks gets you a yearlong membership and a few other killer WW incentives like bus tickets, free coffee and bowling at Grand Central.

You'll be partaking in a seriously rad deal, all the while helping to sustain a unique and vital part of our creative community!