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Consignment Changes Coming Soon!

February 02, 2011: We are overhauling our consignment system ~ it is completely out of control! Simply too many accounts for a manual system. Our open door consignment policy is an essential part of our service to the local publishing community. It takes up a lot of our time and space. We are trying to make it work better for everyone. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we revise our policies and procedures. Many changes coming to make it run more smoothly which we will share soon. For now keep these in mind:

  • You are welcome to drop off consignment items Monday-Saturday 11-7, Sundays 12-6 but hours for payment are more restricted.
  •  Small cash payments (that have been pre-calculated*) of $20 or less are available Tuesday-Saturday.
  • For accounts that have not been pre-calculated, payment hours are currently restricted to Tue: 11-3, Thu: 3-7, Fri: 11-7, Sat: 11-7.
  • For an account with payment due over $20 we need to issue a check. Checks will typically be issued within 30 days of request, usually much sooner. We will email you when the check is ready.‎
  • *Regarding Pre-calculation: You must come in the shop or email us to request that your account be calculated and that you be placed on the To Be Paid list. Currently this does not happen automatically.