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Island of Memory: Wild 'bout this WILD MAN

I recently had a chance to sit down with T. Edward Bak and speak to him about his newly published graphic novel Island of Memory. No matter how well intended I was to have a serious Q and A, I was immediately disarmed by Bak' s intelligence, dedicated knowledge, and clear explanation of the history behind his new work. The first book in the WILD MAN series, Island of Memory follows the story of naturalist Georg Steller and his experiences with the Second Kamchatka Expedition during the 18th century. The composition, beautiful in its own right, is underscored by the meticulous research put into it. Simply put, Bak' s work hits home on two fronts: aesthetic and intellectual.  


Island of Memory is an exceptional story filled with vivid depictions of people that lived long ago. Bak does a phenomenal job humanizing historical figures while still preserving the fact that they actually existed. It was incredibly easy for me to devour the entire story in one sitting because, frankly, it was too beautiful to put down. The richness of the artwork along with beautifully crafted storytelling make this first volume a great introduction to the WILD MAN series.

Looking to get your hands on a copy? Listed below are a few ways to capture the WILD MAN!
  • T. Edward Bak will be having a book release and signing October 3rd at Floating World Comics from 6-10pm. 
  • Island of Memory is also available for preorder through Floating World Comics and will ship in November. 
  • WILD MAN Research + Lecture Series KickStarter  has some awesome rewards, including a signed copy and original artwork. 

Shanna Matuszak
Frenzy Devotee