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Fears of Your Life + How Fearful Can You Be cover

Fears of Your Life + How Fearful Can You Be

By Michael Bernard Loggins

160 pgs, 6"x9", hardcover, illustrated

From the publisher: This is the brand new 2nd edition of a book about scary things: all the things that you're afraid of. Everybody has fears in common, and in this wondrous handwritten book, author Michael Bernard Loggins (an adult with developmental disabilities) battles his fears by listing more than 138 of them. Loggins explores the depths of our most human emotion from real fears like "#53 Fear of Bats" and "#57 Fear of being different," to more complex, imagined fears like "#85 Fear that if you put too much toilet paper in the toilet bowl it will run over and get all over the floor and on you and on someone else too, it would leak from upstairs to the next floor below." This revised edition contains a new 60-page illustrated chapter of unique portraits, entitled "How Fearful Can You Be?" and in artist Harrell Fletcher's preface, he explains the origins of Fears of Your Life and its lasting impact in its many manifestations.

Author Michael Bernard Loggins has written & illustrated two books. Fears of Your Life has been featured on NPR's This American Life, excerpted in Harper's magazine, and turned into a multimedia dance performance choreographed by Kim Epifano and performed by AXIS Dance at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He lives in San Francisco.



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