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Confetti cover


By Ginette Lapalme

200 pp., 6"x7.5", perfect bound

Confetti, like its namesake, is a fun and explosive mix of color from the fertile mind of multidisciplinary artist Ginette Lapalme. In comics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and jewelry, Lapalme uses cartoons and junk culture as raw material to make "cute" subversive and "pretty" punk. If bright colors, cats, glitter, and the reconstruction of expectations are of any interest to you, Confetti is a must-have.

"It is a goal of mine to live alone in a big house surrounded by the work of Ginette Lapalme, kind of like a cat lady, but with drawings of cats instead of real cats...Utterly delightful but never too cute, the world Lapalme has created leaves me more attuned to the perverse beauty of one around us." -Tavi Gevinson, founder and editor of Rookie


The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future cover

The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future

360 pp., 5.5"x7.5", perfect bound

A wonderful collection of writing that imagines the world as a feminist utopia. Through pieces from cutting-edge voices including Melissa Harris-Perry, Janet Mock, and Sheila Heti, readers are invited to imagine the world we want. What would work, art, sex, the Constitution, and even breakups look like in a truly feminist society? The Feminist Utopia Project challenges the status quo, describes affirmative visions, and exhorts us to demand a radically better future.

"Some of the most important voices in gender justice look to the future with optimism, strength, and intelligence. Your feminist library is not complete without it." — Jessica Valentii, author of The Purity Myth


Fortune Favors the Brave: 100 Courageous Quotations Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon (Signed) cover

Fortune Favors the Brave: 100 Courageous Quotations Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon (Signed)

By Lisa Congdon

106 pp., 7.5"x7.5", full color, hardcover

A treasure trove of inspiring quotations in the tradition of the bestselling Whatever You Are, Be a Good One, this new volume from beloved author and artist Lisa Congdon gathers rousing wisdom from history's great minds on how to be bold, stay strong, and take courage. Congdon lends her signature style of brilliant hand lettering to sage advice on such subjects as perseverance ("If you fell down yesterday, stand up today"—H.G. Wells), authenticity ("What should I be but just what I am?"—Edna St. Vincent Millay), and confronting fear ("Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced"—James Baldwin). Filled with uplifting reminders to seize the day, Fortune Favors the Brave demonstrates that when embarking on a new adventure, the right words of encouragement can be a priceless gift. Pairs well with Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotations Hand-Lettered by Lisa Congdon.


FOUND Magazine: The Early Years cover

FOUND Magazine: The Early Years

220 pp., 8.5"x11", perfect bound

A collected anthology of the first four issues (now out of print) of FOUND Magazine. The 25-page introductory essay by founder Davy Rothbart traces the magazine's DIY roots and his personal journey building the magazine. Filled to the brim with notes, letters, scribbles, photographs, and drawings found and sent in by readers, this book is an engaging read for anyone enjoys getting lost in the mystery of other people's lives. Bundle it with FOUND Magazine #7 and FOUND: After Dark for the full FOUND experience.

"Poignant, hilarious, deeply compelling, and frequently profound. No one could pick up a copy and not be instantly, utterly fascinated." — The Guardian


Get It While You Can  cover

Get It While You Can

By Nick Jaina

208 pp., 5.5"x8.5", perfect bound

When his beloved guitar is stolen, Nick Jaina finds himself untethered from the dream he's pursued since he was sixteen. No matter how many albums he's released or tours he's led, he still can't shake the feeling that he has failed at life. So the critically acclaimed, endlessly heartbroken singer-songwriter checks himself into a ten-day silent retreat. As those silent days unfold, Jaina attempts to rewire his own brain in a burst of unpredictable digressions and unsent love letters, musings on the miracles of science and the fallen heroes of popular music.

Get It While You Can is an honest, funny, and thought-provoking journey through Nick Jaina's life as he struggles to accept the course that it has taken. Heartbreak has never been such a compelling read. 


Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension cover

Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension

By Michael Heald

190 pp., 7.5"x5", perfect bound

Across 11 essays, Michael Heald compulsively measures himself against men like Eli Manning, Ryan Gosling, and Stephen Malkmus, and always comes up short. After a decade of failed relationships, estranged siblings, and abandoned hopes, he may or may not have learned his lesson. Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension is not nearly as depressing as it sounds.


Hot Pants! Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies cover

Hot Pants! Do It Yourself Gynecology and Herbal Remedies

96 pp., 5"x7"

This guide teaches how to diagnose and heal many basic problems, including bladder infections, inducing your period, easing cramps and PMS, aphrodisiacs, and dealing with pregnancy. Learn how to make a tampon alternative, herbal tinctures, home remedies for treating certain STIs.

"Hot Pants provides readers with an understanding of anatomy, recipes to conquer yeast infections and hormonal imbalances, an extensive glossary of self-healing herbs, a list of aphrodisiacs, and it provides instructions on how to give foot massages that will alleviate cramps! I can't tell you how often I consult this zine, or how excited I've been to share information from this zine with a friend in need." — Bitch Magazine


If Nothing Else the Sky cover

If Nothing Else the Sky

By Dave Roche

96 pp., 5.5"x8.5", perfect bound

Take a trip around the world with Everyone's Favorite Zinester, Dave Roche. If Nothing Else the Sky is about his trips to Australia and Southeast Asia. He got bit by a penguin, slept in a record store in Kuala Lumpur, saw a kangaroo with a huge sack, got shaken down at the Soekerno Hatta airport and thought he caught bird flu. It's also about getting older and Dave worrying that he's trying too hard to hold on to his youth. He wonders if it's cool that he's still sleeping on the couches of friends of friends or is he too old for that.


Illuminating the Stars Coloring Book cover

Illuminating the Stars Coloring Book

By Alicia Justus

9"x12", 36-pages, cover color, b/w interiors,

Illuminating the Stars features 33 beautifully drawn portraits of famous and forgotten stars of early Hollywood. Alicia Justus is a self-taught artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. In addition to creating the exquisite pen & ink drawings collected in this volume, Alicia also paints, sews, beads, sculpts, and self-publishes! We've been proudly showing her work and peddling her wares at Reading Frenzy for over a decade and we figure it's high time we share her with the rest of the world!

Alicia's artwork hearkens back to other eras from the gilded age to the great depression. For the past three years Alicia and her boyfriend, Jacob Balcom, have been hosting Record/Coloring nights at local lounges, inviting friends and fans to to while away the evening sipping cocktails and coloring pretty pictures of mostly early golden era Hollywood film stars (especially those with sordid pasts and/or tragic deaths).


  • Buster Keaton
  • Olive Borden
  • Florence Lawrence
  • Larry Semon
  • John Gilbert
  • Mary Pickford
  • Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle
  • Mabel Normand
  • Nina Mae McKinney
  • Lya De Putti
  • Martha Mansfield
  • Lon Chaney
  • Anna May Wong
  • Mary Nolan
  • Lou Tellegen
  • The Dollie sisters: Rosie & Jenny
  • Karl Dane
  • Jeanne Eagles
  • Louise Brooks
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Lottie Pickford
  • Jack Pickford
  • Alma Rubens
  • Bella Lugosi 
  • Thelma Todd 
  • Ramon Novarro 
  • Mayo Methot
  • Tom Mix
  • Rudolph Valentino
  • Natacha Rambova
  • Juanita Hansen
  • Myrtle Gonzalez
  • Russ Columbo
  • Clara Bow


Intelligent Sentient? --SIGNED cover

Intelligent Sentient? --SIGNED

By Luke Ramsey

64 pp., 10.9"x8", hardcover

Intelligent Sentient? is a series of illustrations that are tied together not in narrative but in a progressing theme, the takeaway being that everything is connected. Ramsey's images take us from the organic to the man-made, from the distant past to the conceivable future. The drawings contain the fine detail of a watchmaker and the visual scope of a social reform muralist. This book is meant to be read forward and backward and returned to and treated like a mystical text. 


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