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Confetti cover


By Ginette Lapalme

200 pp., 6"x7.5", perfect bound

Confetti, like its namesake, is a fun and explosive mix of color from the fertile mind of multidisciplinary artist Ginette Lapalme. In comics, paintings, prints, sculpture, and jewelry, Lapalme uses cartoons and junk culture as raw material to make "cute" subversive and "pretty" punk. If bright colors, cats, glitter, and the reconstruction of expectations are of any interest to you, Confetti is a must-have.

"It is a goal of mine to live alone in a big house surrounded by the work of Ginette Lapalme, kind of like a cat lady, but with drawings of cats instead of real cats...Utterly delightful but never too cute, the world Lapalme has created leaves me more attuned to the perverse beauty of one around us." -Tavi Gevinson, founder and editor of Rookie


The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic cover

The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic

By Jessica Hopper

201 pp., 6"x9", perfect bound

Jessica Hopper is well-known for her music criticism in a wide array of genres. She is the Senior Editor of the Pitchfork Review, and she also served as the Music Editor of Rookie Magazine. Her second book, The First Collection of Criticism By A Living Female Rock Critic, is a wonderful collection of some of her best essays, spanning from music criticism to personal narrative. She covers everything from R. Kelly to her feelings about Emo and Lana Del Rey, as well as her love for Riot Grrrl. A great book to own if you love music or music crit. 


Get It While You Can  cover

Get It While You Can

By Nick Jaina

208 pp., 5.5"x8.5", perfect bound

When his beloved guitar is stolen, Nick Jaina finds himself untethered from the dream he's pursued since he was sixteen. No matter how many albums he's released or tours he's led, he still can't shake the feeling that he has failed at life. So the critically acclaimed, endlessly heartbroken singer-songwriter checks himself into a ten-day silent retreat. As those silent days unfold, Jaina attempts to rewire his own brain in a burst of unpredictable digressions and unsent love letters, musings on the miracles of science and the fallen heroes of popular music.

Get It While You Can is an honest, funny, and thought-provoking journey through Nick Jaina's life as he struggles to accept the course that it has taken. Heartbreak has never been such a compelling read. 


Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension cover

Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension

By Michael Heald

190 pp., 7.5"x5", perfect bound

Across 11 essays, Michael Heald compulsively measures himself against men like Eli Manning, Ryan Gosling, and Stephen Malkmus, and always comes up short. After a decade of failed relationships, estranged siblings, and abandoned hopes, he may or may not have learned his lesson. Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension is not nearly as depressing as it sounds.


Intelligent Sentient? --SIGNED cover

Intelligent Sentient? --SIGNED

By Luke Ramsey

64 pp., 10.9"x8", hardcover

Intelligent Sentient? is a series of illustrations that are tied together not in narrative but in a progressing theme, the takeaway being that everything is connected. Ramsey's images take us from the organic to the man-made, from the distant past to the conceivable future. The drawings contain the fine detail of a watchmaker and the visual scope of a social reform muralist. This book is meant to be read forward and backward and returned to and treated like a mystical text. 


A is for Zebra cover

A is for Zebra

By Sean Tejaratchi

36 pp., 12"x15", stitched binding

In 2005 we starting publishing Crap Hound for our pal, Sean Tejaratchi. Sean made a beautiful set of Crap Hound-esque alphabet prints for us, and we're turning them into a book!  A is for Zebra is an all-ages* alphabet, activity, and art book, intended for lovers of graphic design, typography, alphabets, word play, and vintage commercial art. Each page features a single brightly colored letter of the alphabet surrounded by dozens of (mostly) vintage black and white illustrations depicting words that begin with that letter. From obvious to obscure, there's fun for the whole family in identifying the images! Answers are included in the back of the book. 

*May be considered slightly subversive/borderline inappropriate for children if you don't want them to learn words like "ashtray" and "urinal".

In case you missed it, here's our Kickstarter project where you can view a video and numerous images from the book.

Custom prints are available here.


One More For The People cover

One More For The People

By Martha Grover

218 pp., 8.5"x5.5", perfect bound. letterpress cover

One More for the People collects eight years of Martha Grover's zine Somnambulist. Intimate, frank, and hilarious, Grover's voice is blessed with a keen perception. From her everyday work world behind the cheese counter to her sudden onset of Cushing's Disease, hospital stays and family meetings, to childhood stories of wrestling her six brothers and sisters for limited resources, Grover never loses the reader in self pity but rather waves them in and hands them a beer. 


Rebel Bookseller: How To Improvise Your Own Indie Store and Beat Back the Chains cover

Rebel Bookseller: How To Improvise Your Own Indie Store and Beat Back the Chains

320 pp., 5"x8", perfect bound

Renowned bookseller Andrew Laties offers a radical and creative new paradigm for independent booksellers on all sides of the cash register, written to inspire a revival of community bookselling. In his 20 years of revolutionary retail, Latie's ideas were adapted by Barnes & Noble, Zany Brainy and scores of independents. Rebel Bookseller challenges today's bookstore workers to improvise the wildly imaginative indie bookstores of tomorrow, and includes a behind-the-scenes history of the book industry, humorous anecdotes and bittersweet lessons, ten interlacing Rants, and three Rough Rules of Rebel Bookselling Blending adventurous memoir, satire and sharp-tongued jibe, the author dares the chains to sell this revolutionary book.


The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory --SIGNED  cover

The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory --SIGNED

By Stacy Wakefield

228 pp., 7.5"x5", perfect bound

Wakefield spent years living in squatted buildings in Europe and New York and brings firsthand knowledge to Sid's story: how urban homesteaders lived without plumbing or electricity, how they managed their semi-legal status, and what they cared about and fought for. With Sid, Wakefield has created a character who belongs to that world and is also entirely relatable. Sid shows us that society's toughest and most ingenious members might be hiding on the edges, just out of sight. Sid is a resourceful, intrepid young woman with a wry sense of humor; she's great company on our journey into the lost world of New York City's recent past. 


Syllabus: Notes from An Accidental Professor  cover

Syllabus: Notes from An Accidental Professor

By Lynda Barry

200 pp., 7.5"x9.5", saddle stitch

This is a must for any Lynda Barry fan. In the style of a Composition Notebook, Barry writes and draws about her experience teaching art classes. I only wish my notebooks from school looked this cool.


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