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See You in the Morning cover

See You in the Morning

By Mairead Case

134 pp., 4.5"x7", hard cover

See You in the Morning is a book about the liminal years before adulthood. Told in the narrator's angry, tender, and colorful voice, the book follows three seventeen year olds who take care of each other in their small Midwestern town. Case writes paragraph-shaped poems to create a heartbreaking and familiar portrait of a teenager in the summer before her senior year of high school. This is Bookslut columnist Mairead Case's debut novel and it makes us even more excited to see what else she has in store. 

"This first book is all about firsts: painful crushes and confusing love triangles, not to mention the all-consuming strangeness of a changing body. Mairead Case presents the full portrait of a young person on the cusp of finding their self. A good book vibrates, and it embraces us, and this is precisely what this unique book does. See You in the Morning reads like a series of prayers and Midwestern parables. Like bits of drifting dream parts, the reading experience is just as akin to growing up as it is to falling in love. Each page serves as a constellation of small, but nonetheless significant epiphanies." — Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, author of Fig


The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future cover

The Feminist Utopia Project: Fifty-Seven Visions of a Wildly Better Future

360 pp., 5.5"x7.5", perfect bound

A wonderful collection of writing that imagines the world as a feminist utopia. Through pieces from cutting-edge voices including Melissa Harris-Perry, Janet Mock, and Sheila Heti, readers are invited to imagine the world we want. What would work, art, sex, the Constitution, and even breakups look like in a truly feminist society? The Feminist Utopia Project challenges the status quo, describes affirmative visions, and exhorts us to demand a radically better future.

"Some of the most important voices in gender justice look to the future with optimism, strength, and intelligence. Your feminist library is not complete without it." — Jessica Valentii, author of The Purity Myth


Ice Cream Work cover

Ice Cream Work

By Naoshi

39 pp., 6"x9.25", hard cover, full color

Ice Cream Work is a colorful and lighthearted art book disguised as a picture book. Naoshi is an internationally acclaimed Japanese illustrator who uses shiny colorful sand, called Sunae in Japan, to create surreal worlds and the people who populate them. Ice Cream Work follows a day in the life of Ice Cream Man, who Naoshi depicts as an ice cream cone with arms, legs, and a face. More visual-driven than narrative-driven, Ice Cream Work is a technicolor feast for the eyes that will delight young and older readers alike.

"Naoshi represents everything I love about contemporary Japanese art: one foot in history, one foot in pop culture, two skilled hands, and her head firmly in a cloud of unadulterated enthusiasm for making art." Matt Wagner, author of The Tall Trees of Portland and The Tall Trees of Tokyo


Social Animals cover

Social Animals

80 pp., 5.75"x7.75", hard cover, full color

Artist Ryan Berkley is beloved for his iconic animal portraits that he sells from one of's top-selling shops. His fans have been clamoring for a book collecting his illustrations of donkeys, possums, and chipmunks in formal wear, and here it is: 26 animals with their backstories written by his wife Lucy Berkley. This tongue-in-cheek illustrated social compendium is perfect for Berkley devotees and newbies alike.



Sadie, Wolf, and Friends cover

Sadie, Wolf, and Friends

By Lisa Carver

160 pp., 5"x8", perfect bound

Sadie, Wolf, and Friends is a collection of conversations between Lisa Carver and her children. Wolf is a very sweet, Christian, mystical, mentally ill artist who loves rocks and sheep and being faithful. Sadie is a spitfire cheerleader wealth-plotting preteen who loves math because there's only right or wrong and hates social studies because it's an excuse for other students to say their opinions forever pretending it's a question. Both Wolf and Sadie are pretty hilarious. Appearances are made by guest stars like Neighbor Girl, Babysat Guy, and the football player. It's an unusual book because it's a peek directly into the minds of a mentally ill young man and variously aged children; it does not try to guide or change or fix or civilize any of their ideas. Instead their mother interact with them in a Socratic method with respect and humor. No subject is taboo.


25 Lives cover

25 Lives

By Lisa Carver

124 pp., 5.5"x8.5", perfect bound

One of the most poignant books of 2015. 25 Lives is a collection of 25 mini-memoirs, culled from Lisa Carter's interviews with, in her words, "the most unusual people I could find to talk to." The result is 25 addictively digestible stories that unite readers with strangers they would likely never face otherwise.


Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories — SIGNED cover

Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories — SIGNED

By MariNaomi

382 pp., 9"x6", perfect bound

In this collection of raw, emotionally honest stories, MariNaomi explores a wide range of topics including youthful rebellion, mortality, disillusionment, and compassion. Many of these stories were first serialized on the popular site the Rumpus. These poignant stories, some filled with hope, others tinged with remorse, are sure to appeal to even the most discerning reader.

"In Dragon's Breath and Other True Stories, MariNaomi weaves a crazy-quilt of despair, hope, lost loves, new beginnings , horrible regrets, hilarious memories, and above all else, survival. Her beautiful, spare line imparts the greatest emotional impact, creating a delicate storytelling rhythm built on restraint, subtlety and total vulnerability. Her short autobiographical anecdotes create a gestalt of a person who has lived and viewed life with a curious intellect and her heart on her sleeve."—Rob Clough, The Comics Journal


The Jaywalker cover

The Jaywalker

By Lisa Carver

72 pp., 5.5"x8.5"

"The Jaywalker is a compendium of darker than dark jokes, parallel worlds, hallucinogenic nursery rhymes, tragic sex, moments of true life pathos and afterlife perversions vividly illustrated by Dame Darcy. We don't know where we are yet can't stop reading. The way these strobe light stories connect and disconnect is a perfect kind of literary black magic."
— Jacob Wren, Polyamorous Love Songs

"Lisa Carver is a poet, animal, goddess, ruler, a river of joy; The Jaywalker is gory, enchanting, otherworldly, vaudeville. I love that she's experimenting with form here. Her wild style inspires me to be a better writer."
— Jill Soloway, Transparent


The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine cover

The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine

By Janine Vangool

336 pp., 9"x11", full color, hard cover

A richly illustrated book full of never-before published typewriter memorabilia, intriguing historical documents and entertaining anecdotes, The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine is a beautiful ode to an all-but-obsolete creative companion. Through vintage ephemera, readers discover the history of not only the machine, but the progression of society through very interesting times. From the industrial revolution to women entering the workforce, from one World War to another, from the home to the office, from collegiate life to Hollywood and pop culture. 


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(11-19 of 19 items)