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Dockwood cover


By Jon McNaught

64 pp., 7.7"x10.4", hardcover

Dockwood is a small town in South East England, population 26,000. It is home to a bowling alley, a boating lake and Willowbrook Outlet Village.

It's a cloudy Tuesday in October and the residents of the town are going about their business as usual. In Elmsview Nursing Home, a kitchen porter dutifully prepares lunch for residents. Elsewhere, a council worker sweeps the fallen leaves from the pavements. Along Nettlefield Road, a paperboy is delivering his daily round. And in the trees, swallows gather noisily in preparation for their annual migration.

In this new work, Jon McNaught weaves together the everyday lives of three locals against an evocative backdrop of autumnal transitions. Bittersweet and contemplative, Dockwood is for anyone who believes the stories that take place within life's small moments can often be the most meaningful of all.

Jon McNaught is a Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and printmaker living in Bristol. He also works as a printmaking instructor at the University of the West of England. He has produced comic strips for Nobrow, Art Review and Stripburger, among others. His first book Birchfield Close was published in 2010 by Nobrow Press, followed shortly by Pebble Island, both received wide critical acclaim and have earned him plaudits from some of the world's foremost cartoonists.


Dragon's Breath cover

Dragon's Breath

By Mari Naomi

382 pp., 6"x9", perfect binding

In this collection of raw, emotionally honest stories, MariNaomi explores a wide range of topics including youthful rebellion, mortality, disillusionment, and compassion. Many of these stories were first serialized on the popular site the Rumpus. These poignant stories, some filled with hope, others tinged with remorse, are sure to appeal to even the most discerning reader.


Drive Into the Sun cover

Drive Into the Sun

By Matt Sundstrom

88 pp., 8"x5.5", perfect bound

After living on the east coast for twenty years, Matt Sundstrom decided to do what many great Americans have done -- head west. Following the Oregon Trail from New Hampshire to Oregon, Matt handsomely illustrated his adventure, creating a Webby Award-nominated mini-site that documented his progress. Simplistic but lovely black and white drawings that make you feel like you are taking a road trip through the desert. Full of very beautiful landscape and old west pieces. 


Furled / Unfurled cover

Furled / Unfurled

By ET Russian

16 pp., 5.5"x5.5", saddle stitch

A beautiful and well-crafted mini-comic from ET Russian depicting a variety of items in their respective furled and unfurled states. The gold ink on the cover is gorgeous against the black paper, and Russian's drawings are simple yet evocative. 


Gay Genius cover

Gay Genius

By Annie Murphy

144 pp., 9.5"x7", perfect bound, full color

 Gay Genius is a showcase of contemporary radical queer visionaries: Kubb E. Bear, Harmony Bianca, Sarah Sass Biscarra-Dilley, Pam Cameron-Snyder,Jackie Davis, Mat Defiler, Samantha Jane Dorsett, Eddie Fake, Sailor Holloday, Elisha Lim, Annie Murphy, Leroi Newbold, Lee Relvas, Adee Roberson,Matt Runkle, Ellery Russian,Clio Reese Sady, and Silky Shoemaker. Using comics as a narrative to articulate the queer experience, Gay Genius breaks through the limitations put on gay culture throughout history. The wide range of art, stories, and style come together under the passions and otherness of the writers and editor Annie Murphy.  


The Hand cover

The Hand

By ET Russian

34 pp., 5"x8.5", saddle stitch

The Hand describes itself as "a comix collective. Individually, we are distinct; we are POC, white, mixed, gay, disabled, Jewish, gender-queer — we are dreamers, screamers, Pisces, teachers, thinkers, social butterflies, lone wolves. Together we gather to use ink, fold paper, grasp new ideas, make fists, & hold other hands."

This first edition zine features work from Andy Panda, Robyn J., Sarah Rosenblatt, and ET Russian. In the pages of The Hand you'll find comics about white rice and colonialism, Ferguson and protest, and more.


Horn! The Collected Reviews --SIGNED cover

Horn! The Collected Reviews --SIGNED

By Kevin Thomas

175 pp., 6"x7.75", perfect bound

Most reviewers take thousands of words to do what Kevin Thomas does in nine exquisitely detailed black-and-white panels. Using his captivating illustrations and no more than a handful of words, week by week Thomas decrypts some of the most intriguing books of our day for readers of The Rumpus: now eighty-five of his favorites are collected in one volume.


King Cat Classix cover

King Cat Classix

By John Porcellino

382 pp., 6.5"x9.5", perfect bound

John Porcellino has long been considered the greatest of all cartoonists coming from the self-publishing and zine movement of the early 1990s. His spare approach with words and pictures focuses on the smallest of details, revealing a wealth of meaning and emotion in everyday events that most of us overlook in our daily hustle and bustle. Since 1989, he has released over sixty-five issues of his self-published comic King-Cat Comics and Stories.

This large collection focuses on the first fifty issues with extensive endnotes and an index along with selections of all the extra ephemera that makes an individual issue of King-Cat its own unique experience: essays, articles, stories, and letters from friends. Included are over 250 pages of comics ranging from John's earliest scrawls to his later perfectly minimalist delineations. The comics range through all of Porcellino's concerns--family, family pets, the natural world, work, music, romance.

This book presents an artist who always knew what he wanted to do. King-Cat Classix shows Porcellino's confidence and skill as it grows steadily over the course of fifteen years.


Ledger cover


By Martine Workman

28 pp., 8.5"x11", saddle stitch, full color

Here are 28 pages from Martine Workman's sketchbooks kept from 2004-2011. The pages are filled with text and drawings, scribbles, stickers, pressed leaves, and passing thoughts.


Map of My Heart cover

Map of My Heart

By John Porcellino

359 pp., 6"x9", perfect bound

Map of My Heart celebrates the twentieth anniversary of John Porcellino's seminal and influential comics zine, King-Cat Comics, which he started self publishing in 1989 and which has been his predominant means of expression. In this collection, while Porcellino is living in isolation and experiencing the pain of divorce he crafts a melancholic, tender graphic ballad of heartbreak and reflection.

Known for his sad, quiet honesty rendered in his signature deceptively minimalist style, Porcellino has a command of graphic storytelling as sophisticated as the medium's more visually intricate masters. Few other artists are able to so expertly contemplate the sadness, beauty, and wonder of life in so few lines.


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(1-11 of 15 items)