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Ledger cover


By Martine Workman

28 pp., 8.5"x11", saddle stitch, full color

Here are 28 pages from Martine Workman's sketchbooks kept from 2004-2011. The pages are filled with text and drawings, scribbles, stickers, pressed leaves, and passing thoughts.


As You Were #4: Living Situations cover

As You Were #4: Living Situations

112 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Charming, funny, fascinating, and visually striking, this collection of comics about punk house shows matches the form to the feeling of punk rock itself. This necessary collection has a dozen other stories both fit for the young and the punk elderly!


In the Sounds and Seas, Volume 2 cover

In the Sounds and Seas, Volume 2

By Marine Galloway

58 pages, paperback.

The second volume of the three-part story "In the Sounds and Seas" continues where Volume I left off. The protagonist and her crew continue their labor of building and documenting the construction of the ship, and are interrupted by an intrusive bird who flew in from over the ocean. As the ship nears completion, the protagonist's hair is braided into the ship's rigging. In the second chapter, the ship builders turn sailors as they make their way across the ocean.


In the Sounds and Seas, Volume 3 cover

In the Sounds and Seas, Volume 3

By Marine Galloway

60 pages, paperback.

The third and final volume of "In the Sounds and Seas" concludes the saga of the ship-builders as they attempt to find the singers of their world. 


Violenzia and Other Deadly Amusements cover

Violenzia and Other Deadly Amusements

By Richard Sala

144 pages, paperback, full color.

“Let there be no mercy or forgiveness for they have shown none.” With these words, whispered into the wind, a mysterious young woman leaps into action with wild abandon, twin automatics blazing. Is she a brave and reckless heroine taking on a monstrous evil? Or is she a deranged angel of death? One thing is clear, you don’t want to get in her way.


King Cat #76 cover

King Cat #76

By John Porcellino

19 pages, saddle stapled, digest size.

This new issue features A Trip to the Confluence, Dreaming, Old People in Restaurants, Sports Radio, Fall Signs, Winter Signs, Radishes, Birds and 9 pages of fascinating Letters to the Editor. 


Hip Hop Family Tree #10 cover

Hip Hop Family Tree #10

By Ed Piskor

32 pages, full color, saddlestitched.

The endlessly quoted graffiti documentary, Style Wars gets lovingly dissected in this issue amongst many other earth-shattering discoveries. Did you know Public Enemy were first the Spectrum City DJs? Did you know Flavor Flav can play a dozen musical instruments? All this and more!