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Henry and Glenn Forever cover

Henry and Glenn Forever

62 pps., 6"x6", perfect bound

The groundbreaking comic which exposed the men, the myth, the legend. Henry and Glenn Forever is a love story told through comics and diary entries. A love story of Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins. Their domestic bliss is often complicated by their complete self-absorption and Satanic neighbors Hall and Oates. Nevertheless, these two love bird fly higher than eagles dare when pumping iron and playing with their pets together. Hilarious and tender, Henry and Glenn Forever pays homage to our punk heroes while creating a profound statement on the nature of love and hate.


Kingdom/Order cover


By Reid Psaltis

Kingdom/Order is a beautiful and fantastic wordless comic about a man's deeply engaging and mysterious connection with the animal kingdom. This connection takes him from the streets of the city to subterranean rat dens and spooky forests inhabited by creatures both seen and unseen. 

Kingdom/Order Part 1 is drawn by local Portland illustrator Reid Psaltis and it is the first book in a three part series. 


Mr. Wolf #1 cover

Mr. Wolf #1

By Aron Nels Steinke

45 pp., 5.5"x4.25", saddle stitched

Aron's excellent comic relating the trials of a new teacher in the Portland school system.


Mr. Wolf #2 cover

Mr. Wolf #2

By Aron Nels Steinke

46 pp., 5.5"x4.25", saddle stitched

Aron's wonderful comic relating the trials of a new teacher in the Portland school system.Mr. Wolf's kids are an endless source of entertainment, as is his enthusiasm and frustration.


My Dirty Dumb Eyes ~ Signed! cover

My Dirty Dumb Eyes ~ Signed!

By Lisa Hanawalt

paperback, 7"x9", 120 pgs.

My Dirty Dumb Eyes is the highly anticipated debut collection from award-winning cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt. In a few short years, Hanawalt has made a name for herself: her intricately detailed, absurdly funny comics have appeared in venues as wide and varied as The Hairpin,, Lucky Peach, Saveur, The New York Times, and The Believer.

My Dirty Dumb Eyes intermingles drawings, paintings, single-panel gag jokes, funny lists, and anthropomorphized animals, all in the service of satirical, startlingly observant commentary on pop culture, contemporary society, and human idiosyncrasies. Her wild sense of humor contrasts strikingly with the carefully rendered lines and flawless draftsmanship that are Hanawalt trademarks. Whether she's revealing the secret lives of celebrity chefs or explaining that what dogs really want is a tennis-ball bride, My Dirty Dumb Eyes will have readers rolling in the aisles, as Hanawalt's insights into human (and animal) behavior startle and delight time and again.

We're hosting Lisa at the IPRC on May 31st and offering the chance to pre-order signed copies of her book!


Womanimalistic #3 cover

Womanimalistic #3

By Caroline Paquita

24 pp., 7"x4.25", saddle stitched, Riso printed

Collected works from sketchbooks and performances inspired by traveling through 10 countries, mourning loss and "crystal woo woo."


Zebadiah #1 cover

Zebadiah #1

By Asher Craw

Zebadiah and Eula-Lee are mountain people.  Zeb doesn't take kindly to crowded places or city-folk seeking luxury goods.  When he is forced to head to leave the home for a bit he is cornered by a dark force that separates his soul from his body.


Zebadiah #2 cover

Zebadiah #2

By Asher Craw

Generations have past.  Two souls have been traveling, seperated only to finally be bound to new-borns in the present day.  Can Zeb and Eula find each other and escape the devil's grasp?


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(11-18 of 18 items)