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Spirit Struggle cover

Spirit Struggle

By Caitlin McDonagh

Acrylagouache on watercolor paper, 11 x 14

Original painting by Caitlin McDonagh from her Golden Hour exhibit at Reading Frenzy. Golden Hour is a body of work inspired by the transition between day and night, night and day. The quiet moments when things pause. The dreamy states where things rejuvenate and rest. These paintings explore the cycles between waking and dreaming, and the beings who occupy, grow and live within them. 

Caitlin McDonagh is a self-taught visual artist born and raised on Vancouver Island, and currently resides in Powell River, BC, Canada. She creates intricate illustrative works that are deeply inspired by folklore, storytelling, traditions and architecture from various real and unreal sources. McDonagh’s medium of choice is acrylagouache paint which allows for fine opaque detail and transparent washes while maintaining vibrant colours.