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Apple cover


By Nikki McClure

32 pps., 8.5"x8.5", hard cover

is a gorgeous reprint of Nikki McClure's first book, originally self-published in 1996. Illustrated in McClure's signature graphic paper-cut style,


follows the journey of an apple, from tree to snack to compost heap to sprout. A young brother and sister find, hide, seek, play, share, and observe, connected to the world with a little piece of nature. Playful pictures and simple words make a perfect bed time story for quiet contemplation and easy reading. A simple treasure from one of our favorite artists!


Johnny Boo (Book 2): Twinkle Power cover

Johnny Boo (Book 2): Twinkle Power

By James Kochalka

40-Page, Full-Color, Hardcover, 6" x 9"

From the publisher: Johnny Boo has boo power and his pet ghost Squiggle has squiggle power. But which is better? And might there be a power that is greater than them both? Wiggle power? Giggle power? Squiggle goes on a quest to learn the secret of twinkle power from the twinkling stars, but doesn't have much luck. Instead, a strange and hilarious secret is discovered about Johnny Boo's hair. This book will have the kids howling with laughter.


Johnny Boo (Book 3): & The Happy Apples cover

Johnny Boo (Book 3): & The Happy Apples

By James Kochalka

Full-Color, Hardcover, 40 pages, 6" x 9"

From the publisher: The full-color, all-ages hit series returns! In this adventure, Johnny Boo has been eating a little too much ice cream, and now his muscles have gotten all floppy and droopy. Why, they're positively floopy! Meanwhile, our friend the Ice Cream Monster has changed his gluttonous ways and now has big strong muscles, thanks to his new favorite food: apples! Terribly embarrassed by his own puny muscles, Johnny Boo sets out on a quest to find some happy apples that can give him strong happy muscles. But it won't be easy... especially if the Ice Cream Monster mistakes him for a delicious dollop of ice cream! And is that a television inside the monster's belly!? It all adds up to a very silly story about eating healthy.


Johnny Boo (Book 4): The Mean Little Boy cover

Johnny Boo (Book 4): The Mean Little Boy

40-Pages, Full-Color, Hardcover 6" x 9", All Ages

From the publisher: James Kochalka's beloved all-ages series continues with another goofy romp! When Johnny Boo announces a play date with his quiet new friend Rocky the Rock, trusty sidekick Squiggle is left to find a new friend of his own. How about this nice fellow named the Mean Little Boy? He sure is fond of his butterfly net, and he's got a great game to play with Squiggle... But wait a minute, maybe the Mean Little Boy isn't actually so nice! It's up to Johnny Boo and Squiggle to find a way out of this pickle. The fourth Johnny Boo book is packed with laughs and charm, with just the gentlest touch of potty humor.


Lost Sloth cover

Lost Sloth

By J. Otto Seibold

Mr.  Sloth gets a surprise phone call saying he's won a shopping spree downtown but must be there in three hours.  That's barely enough time for a sloth so away he goes and shenanigans ensue.


Neptune cover


By Aron Nels Steinke

152 pps., 7"x5", perfect bound, b&w

Neptune is an all ages story about a couple of kids and their big black dog Neptune, who may just have super powers. Adventurous siblings Erika and Patrick just started a new school, and their faithful Neptune is determined to get into the action, taking them on imaginary trips and all kinds of trouble. Aron Nels Steinke's bold drawing matches his playful, simple stories and sweet yet a bit snarky sense of humor. 


The Super-Duper Dog Park cover

The Super-Duper Dog Park

By Aron Nels Steinke

34 pps. hardcover

Amazing! Terrific! Number one! The Super-Duper Dog Park is a magical place where words, pictures, and dogs come together. If you are a true dog lover, you may enter a land full of pups to snuggle, play, and ride wild horses with! Charming, colorful illustrations and a simple but action filled story will engage and entertain new readers


Wildwood Imperium ~ SIGNED ~  cover

Wildwood Imperium ~ SIGNED ~

By Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis

From the publisher: A young girl's midnight seance awakens a long-slumbering malevolent spirit . . .

A band of runaway orphans ally with an underground collective of saboteurs and plan a daring rescue of their friends, imprisoned in the belly of an industrial wasteland . . .

Two old friends draw closer to their goal of bringing together a pair of exiled toymakers in order to reanimate a mechanical boy prince . . .

As the fate of Wildwood hangs in the balance.

The third book in the Wildwood Chronicles is a rich, moving, and dazzling story, by turns funny and profound. Both Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis are at the height of their gifts with Wildwood Imperium.