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IGLOO cover


By Rumi Hara

11 pp., 6"x8.5", saddle stitch, letterpress

A sweet hand-bound, letterpress children's picture book. Two children count to ten and build their home in an arctic land. Composed of beautifully crafted images. 


Incandescent: A Color Film Zine (Issue 7) cover

Incandescent: A Color Film Zine (Issue 7)

68 pp., 6.5"x8", perfect bound, full color

Moving photos from 21 different artists from all over the world. From landscapes to portraits to travel photography, Incandescent is a powerful documentary that shows us the world, fixed in time, through another's lens. 


Leaf Litter no. 5 (The Wolf Issue)  cover

Leaf Litter no. 5 (The Wolf Issue)

52 pp., 5"x5.5", perfect bound, letterpress cover

A small, themed literary zine. Fourteen writers contribute short stories and poems about wolves, exploring everything from their ecological significance to their spiritual history. A really nice collection.


Little Thing #40: Life in the Countryside cover

Little Thing #40: Life in the Countryside

8.5x11, 163 pages, saddle stitched, full color, inc. mini gift cards and blank notebook

Little Thing is a "girly" fashion, lifestyle, and art magazine from China with a global scope. Featuring fashion, housewares, paper goods, printed matter, arts and crafts from makers around the world. English text is limited but it doesn't really matter because Little Thing is all about the visuals. With "small is beautiful" as their guiding principle, each issue has a different theme and includes a die cut paper craft project. This issue's theme is "Life in the Countryside" and includes a set of mini greeting cards and a small box that you assemble yourself, plus a sweet little blank notebook with a cover illustration by Aiko Fukawa.

Artists and makers featured in this issue include Lieke Van Der Vorst, Michelle Housel, Aiko Fukawa, Polly Fern, Ja Soon Kim, Philippa Stanton, Julia Tyroller, Helen Ahpornisiri, Vera Greutink, Emillie Ferris, Claire Read, Ros Lee, Kima, Cone, and Stephanie Birdsong.


Mineshaft  cover


56 pp., 5.5"x8.5", saddle stitch

Print media's last-surviving magazine for sophisticated moderns. Featuring the art of R. Crumb as well as others. 


Picture Sentence (Winter 2015)  cover

Picture Sentence (Winter 2015)

39 pp., 8"x8", saddle stitch

A collection of short stories as well as art. This issue focuses on and celebrates Nate Orton's "My Day" series. Each issue documents a regular day in the life of Orton and his housemates here in Portland.  


Remedy (Issue #16: Change)  cover

Remedy (Issue #16: Change)

96 pp., 5.5"x8.5", perfect bound, full color

Remedy is a beautiful collection of photographs, anecdotes, and recipes that remind us that eating is a human experience. Food brings us together; we use it to communicate, to show each other we care. 

In this issue, chase the seasons with Anna Gelb and the roving culinary adventure Outstanding in the Field, plus enjoy the crew's recipe for Heirloom Tomato and Shishito Pepper Panzanella. Celia Catalino recalls her introduction to parenthood, her panic, and her revelation that change can be a good thing, especially when her Brie-Crusted Mushroom and Challah Bread Pudding is involved. Some things never change, like the feeling of being home. Bowen Close takes us to the heartland and shares her recipe for Maple, Pear, and Brandy Hot Toddy. That's just a taste of the stories, recipes, tips & tidbits inside.

Remedy is published quarterly. 


She Shreds No. 7 cover

She Shreds No. 7

45 pp., 8.5"x11", saddle stitch

The magazine dedicated to women guitarists. This magazine is great for any female guitarists or musician in general. Great articles with bands and musicians. Pairs well with Tom Tom Magazine. This issue features an interview with multi-talented wonder woman Bibi McGill, who is both Beyonce's guitarist and owner of Bibi's Kale Chips. Truly an entertaining read.


Tom Tom Magazine Issue 21 cover

Tom Tom Magazine Issue 21

75 pp., 8"x10.5", saddle stitch

A magazine about female drummers. Need I say more? This magazine is really amazing and unique. Full of awesome female bands to explore and discover. This issue's topic is Girl Bands. It includes fun features like the "What Girl Band Are You?" quiz. Yet it has a serious side, too, with an article by Katy Otto that questions the appropriateness of the moniker "girl band" as applied to female musicians. This magazine provides entertaining and thought-provoking material for anyone interested in music. 


When Language Runs Dry #2: A Zine for People with Chronic Pain and Their Allies cover

When Language Runs Dry #2: A Zine for People with Chronic Pain and Their Allies

5.5"x8.5", 48 pgs., saddle stitched

An oldie but a goodie from 2009 back in print! Chronic pain can have a multitude of causes and manifestations -- injury or illness, some visible, some invisible -- but people who live with it have many common experiences which are explored in When Language Runs Dry. This issue includes personal stories, artwork, Sick: A Visual Account of an Invisible Illness by Annie Murphy, a handout for organizing communication and support within your community of friends and family, and suggested reading. 


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(11-21 of 21 items)