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How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution cover

How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution

By Zach

12 pp., 5.5"x8.5", saddle stitched, full color, offset

The American Association of Patriots strikes again with How to Talk to Your Cat About Evolution, the follow up to their smash hit How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun SafetyFeaturing helpful hints for combating the never ending barrage of atheist propaganda cats face today. It's never too early to talk to your cat about evolution, but it could be too late! 


How To Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety cover

How To Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

By Zach

10 pp., 8.5"x5.5", saddle stitched, color

Nothing is more dangerous than a curious young cat around her family's unlocked armory, which is why you MUST not "paws" in teaching your pet about gun safety TODAY!!! An informative guide on your (and your pet's) rights and responsibilities as American citizens, How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety is rife with helpful hints on broaching a delicate subject. This isn't about anthropomorphizing your furry little friend, this is about protecting our great nation while bonding with your faithful companion.


The Letterfirm Reader cover

The Letterfirm Reader

By Ian Lynam

Letterfirm Reader is a collecton of essays by Ian Lynam that focuses on bridging the gap between design criticism and design prose. Masterfully written and a great gift for anyone interested in graphic design, aesthetics, history, and criticism. 


OkCupid Messages I Have Not Responded To cover

OkCupid Messages I Have Not Responded To

By Delphine Bedient

32 pps., 5.5"x4.5", saddle stitched

A collection of unanswered messages from the online dating site OK Cupid collected from one young woman's profile. Perhaps she was too busy, or turned off by run of the mill pithiness and forwardness disguised as awkwardness. Regardless, a good primer on how not to be an annoying on line dater. Funny and sweet, but surprisingly tame. I'm not sure if the author is still single. 


Radical Mycology cover

Radical Mycology

By Spore Liberation Front

36 pps.,, 8.5"x5.5", saddle stitch

The Spore Liberation Front wants to liberate you through mushroom hunting! A thorough and trustworthy guide foraging edible and not-so-much fungi, Radical Mycology passionately defends the use of psilocybin for spiritual, mental, and emotional health, as well as respectful foraging as a way to connect with the earth and become better stewards. Tons of identification instructions for the most common mushrooms found on the West coast, information on cultivation, cooking and preservation, tinctures and teas, and ethnomycology.


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(11-15 of 15 items)