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Incandescent #5 cover

Incandescent #5

66 pp., 8"x7.75", perfect binding

A bi-annual showcase of emerging color photographers. This magazine is a rare gem of international photography from artists you might not have found otherwise. A lovely and rare rival to Instagram, Incandescent is a color film zine showcasing emerging photographers. Curated by a small artists collective in Portland, OR., this zine is beautifully printed in full color, with a loosely interpreted theme.


The Letterfirm Reader cover

The Letterfirm Reader

By Ian Lynam

Letterfirm Reader is a collecton of essays by Ian Lynam that focuses on bridging the gap between design criticism and design prose. Masterfully written and a great gift for anyone interested in graphic design, aesthetics, history, and criticism. 


Lexicon Polaroid #3 cover

Lexicon Polaroid #3

38 pp.
The Video Issue

Lexicon Polaroid is a literary journal that sews visual art and poetry together by the threads of personal interpretation. Pit the mutability of language against the comprehension of the reader, and end up with some creature wet with meaning, crossed between diction and depiction.

The first two issues of LP have featured poems and illustrations. This beautiful third issue is the first to feature video. Poetry featured in our third issue was interpreted as video (short films, music videos, videos of people reading, and whatever else) available for viewing online.


Party Boyz cover

Party Boyz

Party Boyz began as a badass music podcast founded by two rad women. Elizabeth Elder (Party Boy 1) & Rachel Milbauer (Party Boy 2) met at a show one fateful winter evening and have since been collaborating on numerous projects, like, parties, recordings, compilation albums, and like, most recently a zine. Party Boyz: A Lifestyle Zine is a collection of interviews, essays, recipes and illustrations from the ripper Portland music community.

Bonus! You can download the mixtape they made for Bitch Magazine here.


theNewerYork Book 0 cover

theNewerYork Book 0

80pp., 6.5 x 4 inches, perfect bound

From the publisher: This is our first issue, an 80-page literary orgy with 30 different artists and writers from all over the world. This issue has postcards, flash-fictions, puntuationless store, aphorisms, fictional glossaries and other absurdities. There are enough lit mags out there with poetry and short-stories, theNewerYork has everything else.

With stories by New York Times bestseller Steve Almond and drip-portraits by renowned Brooklyn street artist Paul Richard. It's a guaranteed entertaining read and it fits in your back pocket.


theNewerYork Book 2 cover

theNewerYork Book 2

80pp., 6.5 x 4 inches, perfect bound
From the Publisher: Writers and artists from all over the world submitted to make this pocket-sized book of experimental literature & art. With over 40 absurd short-fictions, it is 110 pages of visceral, punchy, and insightful fictions. We publish in weird forms of fiction; this issue has fake press releases for fake movies, flash-fiction, fake book reviews of fake books, nutritional labels, letters/epistolaries, aphorisms, employment forms, punctuationless stories etc.


theNewerYork Book 3 cover

theNewerYork Book 3

110pp., 6.5 x 4 inches, perfect bound

From the Publisher: Our weirdest and most beautiful collection yet. This wonderful collection of 60+ pieces of experimental short-fictions and art fits in your back pocket for battery-less, portable entertainment. Dive through narrative worlds with dashing speed! There are letters, flash-fictions, monster profiles, fictional definitions, manifestos, sonnets in morse code, lists, quizzes, classified ads, rejected baby name submissions and other absurdities.


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(21-27 of 27 items)