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No Book Ever Ends cover

No Book Ever Ends

By Aaron Renier

16"x20", silk screened, signed, numbered, edition of 250

Reading Frenzy is thrilled to present the latest installment in our artist's print series ~ No Book Ever Ends by Aaron Renier! This signed, numbered, limited edition two-color silkscreen print captures the feeling of sinking your head into a great book -- that swimming feeling of being there, and how every book you've ever loved is somehow, magically, a part of you now. See if you can pick out the references to classic children's literature from the ones that Aaron made up!

Aaron Renier was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin. He has been drawing comics, in one way or another, for as long as he can remember. His illustrations have appeared in a wide variety of places, including turning an entire city bus into a moving aquarium. He won the Eisner award for cartoonist deserving wider recognition for his first graphic novel, Spiral-Bound. He is the illustrator of a series of books about the knights of the roundtable by Gerald Morris, and a picture book by Alice Shertle titled An Anaconda Ate My Homework.