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Burn Collector: Collected Stories cover

Burn Collector: Collected Stories

By Al Burian

296 pp., 8.5x5.5, perfect bound, paperback

From the Publisher:

"The first nine issues of Al Burianís sporadically published and widely acclaimed personal zine. Beginning in the mid-nineties, Burian distributed his work through the tight-knit network of the DIY punk music scene. Burn Collector caught on because of its unusual contentóthe writing blueprinted a post-punk persona that was smart, strange, political but not correct, attached to sub-culture, but striving for a connection to the world at large, and to the greater themes of human existence. Timeless stories and reflections on suburban boredom, cross-country travel, living without luxury, existential dread, and Black Sabbath, among other salient topics. The book first appeared in early 2000; it went through six printings, along the way garnering acclaim from readers, and inspiring more than a few to write and self-publish. Another generation of kids can now be moved by its message of hope, laughter in the face of adversity, and the beauty of stolen office supplies."