Reading Frenzy ~ An Independent Press Emporium


Reading Frenzy -- An Independent Press Emporium -- was a small, specialty bookshop/gallery/event space in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1994, and devoted to supporting independent/alternative media and culture. Reading Frenzy closed on December 31, 2016, a day before our faithful proprietress took her seat on Portland City Council. The shop is closed indefinitely, the future is unknown.


In the early days, Reading Frenzy occupied a tiny space in what was formerly the office of an auto body shop. The adjacent rare bookseller had a performance space in back that we occasionally used. Several months into our first year we expanded -- from 150 sq ft. to 300! -- but six months later when torrential rains threatened to flood the tightly packed storefront I knew it was time to move.

In spring of 1996 we relocated to downtown Portland on what was then a fairly desolate block, albeit cattycorner from Powell's City of Books. The Acorn Block (named for it's Oak St. locale, and the fact that it's shaped like an A) rapidly evolved into a hub of cool, independent businesses. It's true there was a little scuffle over our lease in the late 90s, when a fastfood chain that will remain unnamed, tried to lease our space out from under us, but due to public outcry we prevailed. Luckily for us, the building was purchased soon after by an amazing local property developer, who was devoted to supporting independent businesses, building community and historic preservation.

In 1996 we hosted our first art opening, Dishwasher Pete's collection of Macaroni & Cheese boxes. Since then we've gone on to show dozens of unknown, emerging and established artists, as well as unusual collections. Including, but not limited to Rachel Denny, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Isabel Samaras, Tae Won Yu, Cynthia Connolly, Mike KingFawn Gehweiler, Art Chantry, Alicia Justus, Nikki McClure, Stella Marrs, Khaela Maricich and Kalah Allen.

A couple of years later Rebecca Gilbert and I combined our resources, rented a small office upstairs, and began a project that would eventually evolve into the literary non-profit Independent Publishing Resource Center. As a co-founder I served on the board until January 2001, when I took leave to focus on impending parenthood. I still serve on the advisory board, but can take very little credit for the current offerings and continued success of the project.

In 2005 we realized a long held dream of launching a small press. Show & Tell Press is the proud publisher of Crap Hound -- A Picture Book for Discussion & Activity, and we have other titles in the works including a Reading Frenzy Anthology, a Show & Tell Annual, and lots of other tantalizing titles involving words and pictures.

In 2013 we lost our longtime downtown storefront due to gentrification and were lucky to be able to relocate in the historic Mississippi Avenue business district where we were located until December 31st, 2016, when the shop was indefinitely shuttered.


This is an almost comprehensive list of our events. Have we left something out? Please contact us.


  • Reading Frenzy opens September 1st in SE Portland
  • Kevin Sampsell and John Dooley



  • Reading Frenzy moves downtown
  • Coos Bay City Rollers play our grand re-opening party
  • Dishwasher Pete: Mac 'n' Cheese Box Collection
  • Stella Marrs: The History of Fashion
  • Rachel Denny
  • Bwana Spoons: Exhibit
  • Kill Zinesters Summer Vacation Tour
  • Flatter Fest!
  • The School of Secret Knowledge: Sex and Obscenity with Teresa Dolce
  • The School of Secret Knowledge: Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous with Tad Kepley
  • The School of Secret Knowledge: Fair Use/Copyright Infringement with Mark Hosler and Kohel Haver
  • The School of Secret Knowledge: Kooks, Cults and Conspiracies with Donna Kossy and Adam Parfrey.
  • Amy Lynn Parker: 13 Page
  • The School of Secret Knowledge: How to Fire Your Boss
  • Lisa Crystal Carver: Dancing Queen
  • Donna Barr: Desert Peach
  • Diamanda Galas: The Shit of God
  • 1st Annual Cheap Art Show



  • Scott Gregory: Magic Boxes
  • 2nd Annual Valentine's Invitational 
  • Pander Brothers and Matt Wagner: Oni Double Feature #1
  • Rebecca Gilbert: Exhibit
  • Maurice Vellekoop: Vellevision
  • Joe Sacco and Jim Woodring: signing
  • Martin Ontiveros: Monsters, Robots, Freaks and Fire
  • Kristan Kennedy and Topher Sinkinson: 1000 Polaroids
  • The Great Lease Debacle
  • Robert Williams: Malicious Resplendence
  • Tae Won Yu: I Like to Look
  • Michael Moynihan: Lords of Chaos
  • Ducky DooLittle: exhibit
  • James Yu: exhibit
  • Isabel Samaras: Exhibit
  • Stella Marrs: Community Print
  • Amber Gayle, Jamie Schweser, Ed Gray and Roy Tinsel
  • Steve Diet Goedde: The Beauty of Fetish
  • Amy Lynn Parker: Doll Show
  • Michelle Tea: The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America
  • 3rd Annual Cheap Art Show
  • Paul Joannides: Guide to Getting It On


  • Art Chantry: exhibit
  • The IPRC officially opens!
  • 3rd Annual Valentine's Invitational, benefit for the IPRC
  • Toby Hardman: 2 Sides to Every Boxcar
  • Amber Bell: The Perfect Wardrobe
  • Keith Crowe:  I Hate Myself...For Loving You
  • Kim Hamblin: exhibit
  • Martin Ontiveros: Sharp, Prickly, Cute and Cuddly
  • Reading Frenzy Scrapbook: exhibit
  • Hothouse 1999: Ariel Gore, Teresa Dolce, Debbie Stoller, and Chloe Eudaly
  • Sonja Ahlers: Temper, Temper
  • Edith Abeyta, Bob Tower, Vanessa Renwick, and Kalah Allen: exhibit
  • Jane Graham and Jennifer Blowdryer: Floozy and White Trash Debutante
  • Kelly Newcomer: exhibit
  • 4th Annual Cheap Art Show




  • 4th Annual Valentine's Invitational
  • Shelly Gerik: Thirteen
  • Camden Joy: reading
  • Adrian Tomine: Optic Nerve
  • Muffie White: Correspondence Course
  • Dave Eggers: You Shall Know Our Velocity
  • Alicia Justus: exhibit
  • Eric Drooker: Blood Song
  • Ron Sokalsky: Surrealist Subversions
  • Anti-Capitalism Reader: Joel Schalit and John Brady
  • Past Due Tour: Jim Munroe, Andy Healey and Paul Ash
  • Monica Nolan: Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories
  • 7th Annual Cheap Art Show


  • Copy and Destroy: Joe Biel, Alex Wrekk, Harmony Heartson, The Urban Hermit
  • 5th Annual Valentine's Invitational
  • Jenny Davidson: Heredity
  • Amy Farah Weiss: Photo Exhibit with Jack Saturn, Sally Johnson, The Dying Ember, Coast Ghost
  • Dame Darcy: Frightful Fairytales
  • Daniel Higgs: The Doomsday Bonnet
  • Jason: Sshhhh!, Hey, Wait..., and The Iron Wagon
  • Fly: Peops
  • US=/>THEM: Margart Pao, Paul Ash, Rose O'Keefe and Carlton Mellick
  • Stacy Wakefield and Amber Gayle: Not for Rent
  • Gallery of Words: Moe Bowstern and Mark Russell
  • David Lasky: Urban Hipster
  • Gallery of Words: Kate Schwab and Mark Russell
  • David Greenberger: Duplex Planet
  • Paul Shiek: Diptych
  • Robbie Conal: Artburn
  • Amanda Stern: The Long Haul
  • Kelly Campbell: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
  • Jeneve Parrish and Iris Porter: exhibit
  • Joe Sacco: The Fixer
  • The Harper's Arrow: Sarah Dougher
  • 8th Annual Cheap Art Show


  • Paul Ash and Marissa Madrigal: What I Think About When I Go to the Job and 8lb. Gorilla
  • 6th Annual Valentine's Invitational, benefit for Rock and Roll Camp for Girls
  • Perpetual Motion Roadshow: Matthew Blackett, Frayn Masters, and Mykle Hansen
  • Shannon Buck: Souvenirs
  • Joey Keithley: I, A Shithead
  • Robert Newman: Fountain at the Center of the World
  • Ezra Clayton Daniels: The Changers
  • Comic Art Battle: Nate Beaty, Ezra Clayton Daniels, Aaron Renier and Alec Longstreth
  • Perpetual Motion Roadshow: Girls Who Bite Back with Emily Pohl-Weary, Sonja Ahlers, and Tamara Faith Berger
  • Melody Owen: 1000 Crowns
  • Perpetual Motion Roadshow: Corey Frost, Glenna, Shannon Wheeler, Keith Knight
  • Craig Thompson and James Kochalka: Carnet de Voyage and American Elf
  • Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write from the Deep End with Jeffrey Knutson, Justin Hocking, Jered Maher, and Dave Carney
  • David Boyer: Kings and Queens -- Queers at the Prom
  • Beastly Book Tour: Black Olive and Christopher
  • Avow Anthology: Keith Rosson, Nate Beaty and Dave Roche
  • Triple Dare Reading Series: Pecos B, Temple Lutz and Mark Russell
  • Meredith Leonard and Steve Mathews: Little Bits of Love
  • Triple Dare Reading Series: David Ohle, Mike Daily, Matt Love and Mark Russell
  • Freedom Frenzy 10th Anniversary Party and CAE Defense Fund Benefit at Nocturnal
  • Anne Elizabeth Moore: Hey Kidz! Buy This Book
  • Forget-Me-Not: Alicia Justus, Edith Abeyta, Jenny Hart, Cathy Pitters, Susan Beal, Jennifer Fogerty-Gibson, Jennifer Knapp, Christine Shields and Janet Julian
  • Triple Dare Reading Series: Alex Wrekk, Kate Lopresti and Mark Russell
  • Ted Rall: Wake Up, You're Liberal!
  • Bill Daniel: The Western Roundup
  • 9th Annual Cheap Art Show
  • Martin Ontiveros: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
  • Perpetual Motion Roadshow: Josh MacPhee, Jennifer Whiteford, Melissa Klein & Vladimir
  • Dame Darcy with Death by Doll: Meat Cake Collection



Reading frenzy storefront illustration by nate beaty


  • Valentino Achak Deng: What is the What
  • Jessica Stein: The Long Walk Back To Myself
  • Cryptozoa Book Release Party: Androo Robinson, Cathy Camper, and Jesse Reklaw
  • Drawn & Quarterly Signing: Gabrielle Bell, Kevin Huizenga and Anders Nilsen
  • World Leader Pretend: World Leader Pretend
  • Ian Svenonius: Psychic Soviet
  • The Session: Aaron Petrovich, with special guest artist Villem Benes
  • Geography Lessons: Iris Porter, Chelsey Johnson, and Spencer & Pherguson
  • Pete Jordan: Dishwasher -- One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All 50 States
  • Pete Jordan: Mac & Cheese Collection Exhibit:
  • Zine Camp Reading: with MC Sarah Ryan and Special Guests Nicole Georges and Dexter Flowers, plus the campers Rollercoaster, Kallisti, Rhythm, and Helena, and illustrious interns Mina and Flannery
  • Mike Daily: ALARM
  • Awesome But True Electric Institute in "Outfits"
  • Forget Me Not: Exhibit
  • Chris Johanson: Please Listen I Have Something to Tell You About What Is:
  • Tara Jane ONeil: Wings. Strings. Meridians. A Blighted Bestiary
  • 12th Annual Cheap Art & Craft Show



  • Ian Lynam: Meeting Modernity-Found Photography from Japan
  • Briar Levit: Unseen Portland-Companion Walks book release party
  • Reading Frenzy Benefit Show: Corin Tucker, Tu Fawning, Golden Bears, Mirah, Explode into Colors, Thunderant Screening with Carrie Brownstein, Arthur Bradford and Willy Vlautin!
  • Becoming the Media: A Critical History of Clamor Magazine an author chat with Jen Angel and friends
  • Ron Sakolsky: Swift Winds reading and signing
  • Urban Herbs: zine release party with Carly Boyer and Urban Edibles
  • Disappearing: Group art show and book release party with Melody Owen
  • Victoria Law: Resistance Behind Bars-The Struggles of Incarcerated Women
  • Matt LeMay: 33 1/3-Elliot Smith's XO
  • Carye Bye: Hidden Portland-The Museums artist's reception and book release party
  • Robert Lurie: No Certainty Attached: Steve Kilbey and The Church
  • Portland Queer: Tales of the Rose City - with Ariel Gore, Lois Leveen, Michael Sage Ricci, Jacqueline Raphael and Nicole Vaicunas!
  • Kate Bingaman-Burt: Obsessive Consumption- What Did You Buy Today?
  • Alon Raab: The Global Game
  • Sick: A Compilation Zine on Physical Illness Zine Release Party
  • Boneshaker Volume Three Release Party & Ride with editor Evan P Schneider, Michael Bussmann, Andrew Bohn, Dan DeWeese & Todd Simmons!
  • Jessica Max Stein: The Rainbow Connection-Richard Hunt, Gay Muppeteer
  • Peaches and Bats Volume 4 Launch Party: with Jesse Morse, Phoebe Wayne, and Sam Lohmann
  • Reading Frenzy Staff Show & Tell
  • Bill Cotter and Annie La Ganga: Fever Chart and Stoners & Self-Appointed Saints-Reading & Signing
  • Greasy Kid Stuff 3: Even MORE Songs From Inside The Radio Release Party! - With Belinda & Hova & Members of the Captain Bogg and Salty Crew!
  • Loose Teeth Press Tour: Reading & Signing with Joey Comeau, Zach Vandezande and Mike Lecky


  • Brittany Powell: Honorable Mention Art Show
  • Ayun-Halliday: One City World Tour
  • Gordon Edgar: Cheesemonger: Life on The Wedge- Reading and Signing
  • Shelley Turley: The Natural Man Art show
  • Barbara Hammer: Hammer! Making Movies Out of Sex and Life
  • Lloyd Dangle: Troubletown-Sly and Snide Slide Show
  • The Awards Show
  • Anne Elizabeth Moore: Cambodian Grrrl: Self-Publishing in Phnom Penh - Reading and signing
  • Flatstock: Rock Paper Show
  • Lori D: Country Club
  • A Very Bad Wizard: Conversation with Tamler Sommers conducted by David Pizarro
  • A Survey of My Failures Thus Far with Gabe Boyer and Normal Feelings
  • Harlan Mahaffy: The Sea Beasts
  • Diary Comics with Melinda Tracy Boyce, Clutch, Virginia Paine and Jesse Reklaw
  • My Baby Rides the Short Bus: Reading and Signing with with Kerry Cohen, Mitzi Waltz, Nina Packebush, Yantra Bertelli, Jen Silverman, and Sarah Talbot
  • Small Things Can Make You Feel Smaller: A Collection of Recent Collages by Mark Searcy
  • How to Make Books: with book artist and author Esther K. Smith
  • Zines on Toast: UK Zine Culture with Alex Wrekk and Friends!
  • NW Passage Book Release Party: with Marc Moscato and Friends!
  • Family Outing: New Work by Together Gallery Family Artists
  • Please Don't Bomb The Suburbs: Reading and Signing with William Upski Wimsatt
  • If You Lived Here You'd Already Be Home: Reading and Signing with John Jodzio
  • Death Magazine #2 Release Party!
  • Rewild or Die: An Evening with Urban Scout
  • Forget Me Not: Memento Mori Group Show
  • Picture This: Reading and Book Release Party with Lynda Barry
  • Make Me a Woman and Drinking at the Movies: Reading and Signing with Vanessa Davis and Julia Wertz
  • Let's do Launch with Little Read Writers
  • These Mystical Things: New Work by Kinoko
  • Destroy All Movies!!! Signing with Zack Carlson and Bryan Connoly
  • 15th Annual Cheap Art and Craft Show


  • Made Out in Oregon - Valentines Print Show with Portland Artists
  • Aaron Renier and Jason Shiga Reading and Signing
  • Cleveland Confidential Tour with Cheetah Chrome, Mike Hudson and Bob Pfiefer
  • Death Magazine #3 Release Party
  • The Garden of Eden: New Works by Rachel Blumberg
  • Nate Orton Draws the Portland Art Museum
  • Beware of Ghosts: New Work by Alicia Justus
  • Fine Fine Music and Friends with Cassie Sneider and John Isaacson
  • People of Coloring Book Release and Art show by Hazel Newlevant
  • Peaches and Bats #8 Launch Party! 
  • Monster Party and Yeah. No. Totally. Reading and Signing with Lizzy Acker and Lisa Wells
  • IPRC Comics Program Showcase!
  • Little Ottsu Pop-up shop with exhibition by APAK and Martine Workman
  • Work: Book Reading with Crimethinc. Ex-Workers collective
  •  X (marks the spot): Artists Map show and 17th Anniversary
  • Pressed: Flora & Fauna Group Show with Jill Bliss, Trish Grantham, Becca Stadtlander, Nikki McClure and Ashkahn
  • Discovered Virtues: The Secret Beauty of Common Weeds - Photography by Briar Levit
  • Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You Are Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life:  Choose your own adventure style reading!
  • 16th Annual Cheap Art and Craft Show!
  • Death Magazine #4 Release PArty
  • Logodaedaly, or, Sleight-of-Words: A reading & signing with Erzsebet Gilbert, Evan P. Schneider and Melissa Reeser


  • Debt: The First 5000 Years, A reading & signing with David Graeber at Alberta Rose Theater!
  • 12th Annual Valentines Invitational
  • The Encyclopedia of Doris: Reading and Signing with Cindy Crabb!
  • Seasons of Joyland: New Work by Joy Mallari
  • Print Fancy! 
  • A Very Minor Prophet: Reading with James Bernard Frost & Special Guest Martha Grover
  • Steal Like an Artist: Austin Kleon at The Museum of Contemporary Craft
  • D.I.Y. Magic: Reading with Anthony Alvorado
  • Fluent Now in the Language of Grief: Mourning Flower Illustrations by Amber Smith
  • The Loom of Ruin: Reading and Signing with Sam McPheeters!
  • My Day #20 Release Party with Nate Orton and James Yeary and Friends!
  • 100 Poem To Bestill Your Young Heart: Reading and Signing with Kenneth Woods
  • Chickfactor NW: Photographs by Gail O'Hara
  • Print Fancy! Group Release and Self-Publisher Social! 
  • The Axiom Absurd: New Work by Harlan Mahaffy 
  • Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: A History of New Jewish Agenda 
  • Radical Reinvention: An Unlikely Return to the Catholic Church- Reading and Signing with Kaya Oakes 
  • SEAPOWER Group Exhibit 
  • Minty-Fresh Comics! IRPC Comics Program Reading 
  • Portland Zine Symposium 
  • Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy- Reading and Signing with Kristian Williams 
  • C is for Crap: An Alphabet Show by Sean Tejaratchi 
  • Never Say Goodbye: Reading and Signing with Quentin Rowan 
  • Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac #8 Release Party! 
  • XOXO Festival
  • Imperiled Life-- Revolution Against Climate Catastrophe: Reading and Signing with Javier Sethness-Castro 
  • The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song- Reading and Signing with Frank M. Young & David Lasky 
  • Winter is Coming: A Game of Thrones Fan Art Show 
  • Don't Leave Your Friends Behind: Reading and Signing with Vikki Law & Jason Gonzales 
  • Print Fancy! A Group Zine Release Party at IPRC 
  • HOMESPUN: Handmade & Small Batch Arts & Crafts Sale


  • Cynthia Lahti: Nate Orton- Art Show & Release Party for Cynthia Lahti draws the Sculpture of Nate Orton/Nate Orton draws the Sculpture of Cynthia Lahti 
  • 13th Annual Valentine's Invitational & Silent Auction
  • Karaoke Frenzy! 
  • Passing Time: Prints & Drawings by Jon McNaught 
  • Stumptown Comics Fest! 
  • In The City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist! Reading and Signing with Pete Jordan 
  • Benefit Dinner at 2nd Story with Lidia Yuknavitch & Monica Drake 
  • My Dirty Dumb Eyes: Reading and Signing with Lisa Hanawalt 
  • East London Comics & Arts Festival 
  • Portland Zine Symposium 
  • LETTERFIRM: An Exhibition of International Expressive Typography 
  • The Donor Connection: Building Community Through Crowdfunding 
  • Introducing Four Unique Debuts from Independent Publishers 
  • CONTENT: A Publication Party 
  • ROOKIE BOOK TWO Release Party! 
  • Indies First! Portland Authors Sell Books at Reading Frenzy! 


  • Small Shops, Big Hearts 
  • You're Cut Out for Me: Valentine's Making Party! 
  • Inside Wildwood with Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis: An Opening Reception 
  • Print Fancy! A Group Zine Release Party & Reading 
  • I Am Not a Poet: Street Roots Anthology Release Party 
  • Hip Mama and Rad Dad Relaunch Party! With Ariel Gore & Tomas Moniz 
  • Until the Rulers Obey: Reading and Signing with Clifton Ross & Marcy Rein 
  • Wildwood Imperium: Signing with Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis 
  • Lexicon Polariod #3 Release Party! With Kelly Schirmann, Noland Chaliha, Natalie Briggs, and Caleb Walter Reed
  • What Makes a Baby: Reading and Signing with Cory Silverberg 
  • Linework NW Opening Party & Exhibit with Jim Woodring & Michael DeForge 
  • Harmonic Break Comic Release Party with the Von Trapps! 
  • The Magazine: The Bookwarming! With Glenn Fleishman and Friends
  • Symbology: Art Show and Comic Release Party with Annie Murphy 
  • Idols: Art Opening and Exhibit featuring the Artists of ProjectGrow!
  • Verse Union Poetry Club Meeting! Featuring Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey 
  • Print Fancy! A Group Zine Release Party! 
  • Cut Here: Three-in-One Collage Show with Niko Courtelis, Eroyn Franklin, and Mark Searcy
  • Lisa Brown Reading, Signing, & Print Release Party! 
  • Incandescent Issue 6 Release Party 
  • Cut Here Closing Reception: Exhibit with Nico Courtelis, Eroyn Franklin and Mark Searcy
  • A is for Zebra: An Alphabet show by Sean Tejaratchi 
  • Verse Union Poetry Club with Zachary Schomburg author of The Book of Joshua 
  • Your Hidden Skeleton: Antique Inkblot Exhibit curated by Chloe Eudaly
  • Our Poison Horse & Loser Makes Good: Reading and Signing with Derrick Brown and Greg Gerding!
  • Verse Union Poetry Club with Hajara Quinn, author of Unnaysayer
  • The Best Book in the World! Reading, Signing, and Drawing with Rilla! 
  • Dispatches Against Displacement: Field Notes From San Francisco's Housing Wars- Potluck, Reading, and Discussion with James Tracy
  • Curbside Splendor Reading: Reading & Signing with Dmitry Samarov, Susan Lanier, Brian Costello, and Sara June Woods
  • Horn! The Collected Reviews: Reading and Signing by Kevin Thomas 
  • Coloring is Fun! Painting Exhibit and Kickstarter Launch by Alicia Justus
  • The Wax Bullet War-- A Veteran's Day Reading with Sean Davis & Friends
  • Sara or the Existence of Fire Book Release Party: Sara Woods, Dena Rash Guzman, Lindsay Allison Ruoff, Zoe Tambling & Clair Valentine-Fossum
  • Screening, Slide Show Reading & Release Party with John Porcellino, MariNaomi, and Yumi Sakugawa!
  • Drug War Capitalism: Reading and Signing with Dawn Paley 
  • Sub Pop USA: The Subterranean Pop Music Anthology, 1980-1988-- With Bruce Pavitt & Selector Dub Narcotic ~ A Joint Event with Beacon Sound!


  • Kinship Stories: Remembering Native North Portland-- An Exhibit by Peggy Ball-Morrill
  • Cheap Date Valentine's Making Party! 
  • Ring of Fire Anthology Reading With ET Russian, Sarah Rosenblatt, and Andy Panda
  • Paper Chatter: Installation by Brittany Powell Parich and Tae Kitakata
  • Shock & Awe Release Party: Slideshow Reading & Signing with Ethan Rafal
  • Rad American Women A-Z: Reading & Signing with Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl
  • Companeras: Zapatista Women's Stories Reading with Hilary Klein
  • IS? (Intelligent Sentient?): Art Exhibit and Book Release Party with Luke Ramsey
  • Linework NW Illustration & Comics Fest
  • Feminist Bookstore: Curated by Jennifer Armbrust & Michelle Blade
  • Indie Bookstore Day & Free Comic Book Day!
  • Feminist Library with Jen Armbrust and Michelle Blade