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13th Annual Cheap Art & Craft Show

September 19, 2008: We are currently seeking submissions for our annual cheap art and craft show. We are looking for handmade or small batch items made by local arts and crafters that retail for $100 or less. Including, but not limited to, small original works of art, prints, artist's books, stationery and journals, toys, candles, jewelry, bags and hats. We will not be selling clothing.

If you're interested you can either email us with descriptions and images or drop information or samples off at the shop. Please no phone calls. The deadline for consideration is November 1st, 2008. The deadline for delivery is November 30th. We will be hosting a 1st Thursday reception in December and work will be displayed for the entire month.We pay 60% of sale price.

Lost & Taken

September 06, 2008: Crap Hound editor, Sean Tejaratchi, has made a nifty contribution to the Lost and Taken site: 15 Book Cover Textures.

Granny's Empire of Art

September 06, 2008: Ever wondered what happened to Flatter! magazine? Well, the former editrix, Jaina A. Davis, has been on all sorts of wild adventures since giving up ship during the ill fated Pirates and Polynesians issue. Here is evidence of one of them -- Granny's Empire of Art!

Ampersand Frenzy!

September 06, 2008: Aw, somebody loves the ampersand even more than I do! Check it out here.

Alien Boy Zine

September 02, 2008: My pals and Reading Frenzy alumni, Erin Yanke (Life During Wartime) and Icky Ciccone (Nosedive) are working on a zine that will collect a selection of writing and art by James Chasse, as well as interviews with the filmmakers and information about the case. The zine will be released the night of the benefit (see Upcoming Events) and will be available in limited quantities afterwards at Reading Frenzy. All proceeds will benefit the Alien Boy film project. Yoga Shala and Reading Frenzy are sponsoring the project! 

Draplin Design Co.

September 02, 2008: Aaron Draplin is as big and cute as a bear, does the work of ten men, and still somehow has plenty of time left to dig up and post piles of cool stuff on his blog. This post made me feel a little less crazy, think twice about liquidating my vinyl collection, and brought a little tear to my eye. Enjoy!