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Walt Curtis Benefit/Birthday Celebration at Dante's

June 30, 2010: Walt curtis

Longtime Portland artist and poet Walt Curtis lost nearly a lifetime's worth of work in a fire at the Lair Hill church this May. Mayor Sam Adams has declared July 1-7, 2010 to be Walt Curtis Week,with several benefits to help Walt recover from the tragedy and get back on his feet.

July 1st: Literary Extravaganza and Moore
Readings and performances by Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen, Richard Moore (hence the name), Monica Drake, Matt Love, and many more.
Berbati's Pan

July 2nd: Walt Curtis Birthday Bash
Live music and burlesque-style acts. Zia McCabe of the Dandy Warhols and her country cover band Brush Prairie, as well as Viva Las Vegas, dancers from OBT and BodyVox, Courtney Taylor Taylor, Leapin' Louie Lichenstein, Alexander Moore's pop cover band, DJ Freaky Outy and more.

July 6th:Mala Noche in 35mm
A screening Gus Van Sant's classic adaptation of Curtis' acclaimed work Mala Noche.
Cinema 21

Publication Studio Opens Storefront, July 1st

Tomorrow marks the start of a new storefront for the often transient Publication Studio! Run sporadically out of Ace Cleaner's, patrons itching for a hot-off-the-press book, will now be able to order a book out of their permanent downtown locale. Celebration starts around six and is brought home by the musical accompaniment of Lisa Schonberg and Jonathan Sielaff on drums and clarinet respectively (whoa!)

For more information visit their website!

Over It, Opening July 8th

Littman Gallery will soon play host to "Over It" a group show bringing artists, writers, designers, art directors, fashion designers and illustrators together to collaborate, disagree and create. To hear the backstory to this intriguing experiment, head over to the Studio Jelly blog, where their complicated tale is explained.

Littman Gallery is located on the PSU campus, SMSU second floor

Free Screening of Beer Commericals (best enjoyed with free beer!)

Beer commercials

Ampersand Gallery & Bookshop is hosting an outdoor film screening on their back patio. They are partnering with Tom Robinson, a local film archivist &  projectionist, for a screening of vintage 16mm beer commercials from his personal collection. They'll have a limited number of chairs available, so feel free to bring blankets or lawn chairs.

Saturday, June 19 at 9PM
Free Beer from Ninkasi Brewing Co.
Enter through Ampersand --- 2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite B

Print Camp 2010

Print camp

Print Camp is a weekend long intensive to teach you the fabulous printing and binding methods available at the IPRC. Learn relief printing, DIY screenprinting, how to use the IPRC's new Bind-Fast 5 bookbinding machine, and their 100-year-old letterpress equipment!
For a detailed schedule and registration information, click here.

Xtra Tuf #6 Zine Release Party!

June 16, 2010: Cherry Sprout Produce is hosting the official zine release party for Xtra Tuf #6, The Greenhorn Issue!

Greenhorn fishing stories from Seasoned Lady Salts! Moe Bowstern, Lara Lee Messersmith-Glavin! Kat Audley! Blessings from the Mother of a Lady Deckhand! Vanessa Renwick reads the Greenhorn Story Moe Bowstern was too chickenshit to publish! And an exciting guest appearance from local literary luminary Dexter Flowers! Plus a Greenhorn Open mike (open to all occupations, on the subject of Greenhorns)!

Friday, June 23rd, 8PM
Albina Green Park 722 N Sumner Street
(next to Cherry Sprout Produce)
FREE and PRIZES to any and all who wear a tail!

10 Things to Check Out at Reading Frenzy!

June 14, 2010: A Round-Up of Some of Our Recent Favorites: mini comics, zines, books, postcards, a film and miniature artwork!

Read the entire post ยป

IPRC Independent Publishing Certificate Program: Round Two!

The IPRC is accepting application for their year-long certificate program in Independent Publishing. There are three academic tracks to choose from: Fiction/Nonfiction, Poetry, or Comics/Graphic Novels. Students will spend between two and three semesters creating and publishing their work, with personal instruction and attention from many of Portland's finest writers, cartoonists and self-publishers. All that, for roughly the price of a nice new bike! Learn more here.

Set Sail For Zine Camp

Zine camp

E-mail for registration information.

R. Crumb's Book Of Genesis: See the exhibit, watch the documentary

June 14, 2010:

Over 200 drawings from R. Crumb's illustrated version of the Book Of Genesis are on display at the Portland Art Museum, from now until September 19th. To further promote your R. Crumb experience, NW Film Center will screen Terry Zwigoff's Crumb, a documentary about the artist's seminal work during the 60's and 70's.

Melting Poetry: Hampton/Frey/Coffelt, July 2nd

This event is still a bit away but best mark your calendars now! Head over to Ampersand this July 2nd to enjoy an evening of diverse poets including Emily Kendal Frey, Bryan Coffelt, Evelyn Hampton and hosted by Kevin Sampsell. Rumor has it Frey may also have a new chapbook out by then, so keep your ears to the ground and visit Ampersand's website for more details.

Interview with QZAP!

This evening QZAP, also known as the Queer Zine Archive Project will be gracing the IPRC with their presence. They took the time between a spattering of presentations across Oregon to answer a few questions!

How would you define the beginning of the "queer zine"? Among the first to be published, was there a resounding theme or sentiment?

Queer zines in the form we know them today began in Toronto, Canada in the early to mid 1980s and were a direct response to the oppression and invisibility of queers in the Toronto punk scene. These original creators and educators published zines with explicit queer content not only to build connections and community but also to assert punk identity and piss off the mostly male hardcore punk scene members.

Has the gay zine and the lesbian zine evolved uniquely/separately?

Actually, queer zines have, from the beginning, evolved bisexual, transgender, and zines by people of color, so attempting to codify them in a polemic between gay and lesbian isn't a helpful way to understand them.

For someone just beginning to explore the archive, what are a few zines you'd recommend first looking into? do you have a current favorite?

We try not to impose our opinions on visitors to the website but instead encourage folks to utilize the search box to seek out topics that interest them. We add keywords to the descriptions in order to highlight important aspects and concepts in each of the zines.

Our favorites include zines like Go Fuck Yourself, a DIY guide to building your own sex toys; perzines by people like Kelly Shortandqueer and Iris Brilliant; sexual health zines by the Cascade AIDS Project; classic zines like J.D.s and Homocore; POC zines like Shotgun Seamstress.

Has it been hard to track down some of the more "historic" zines of say, the 60s and 70s?

Yes, however because we are an on-line project, we constantly hear from folks about zines they have or know where we can find them. Places like the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archive is just one example of an institution that is willing to share older zines with us. The publications in the 1960s and 1970s are mainly in the form of newsletters, handbills, and posters and as ephemera, may well be lost to history simply because the originally existed in such limited form.

What have some of the challenges been in starting and sustaining this project?

Since we don't exist as anything other than a collective, we operate with limited funding but do well with ad hoc fundraisers like buttons, t-shirts, and our own zine QZAP:Meta. We experience such an outpouring of love and goodwill from people that it is really easy to do the day to day work of not only keeping QZAP running but to keep it a living archive that grows with the queer zine community we document.

Interview by Anika Sabin

Avenues of Art, June 11th

Join Avenues of Art and Portland City Art June 11th for a celebration of youth work inspired by their experiences on the street. Many will also speak of their life and the two month collaboration with some of Portland's best up-and-coming artists. The night will also include a silent auction. For more information head on over to their website.